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Why I am sure that OCS Group Egypt will be a success in Egypt?

Why I am sure that OCS Group Egypt will be a success in Egypt?

Because OCS comes from the heart. A while time ago, someone who I love suggested me to create something to make a difference in Egypt. Something unique, a project in which I could pass all my knowledge and values to the Egyptian people.

In my view, the concept of “different cultures” it is not accurate. Let me be clear on that. The world we know it is divided into countries, which coexist within many scales, as the temporal scale, the set of values, the concept of freedom, technology, knowledge, quality of life, solidarity, perception, etc.



Therefore, there is no “cultures” as we simply say. There are nations that are more advanced (in terms of development) than other nations. Europe in many ways represents the future for Egypt, but it is only a matter of time for Egypt to reach the present state of Europe in those ways defined above. The good point is that we can learn from the mistakes of the (many) mistakes made by Europe and apply the best practices in Egypt.

I admit that I felt in love with the Egyptians and their childish hearts, but also with their curiosity, sensitivity and eagerness for improvement. Though, to change it is not easy and we all resist somehow to change. There are people who consciously rejects to improve itself as they think they know everything, there are those that lie (even to itself) to hide away from change, even there are those too that adopt an arrogant attitude to escape from it.

For this reason, to make a change in Egypt is not going to be easy, but I am sure that with persistence, strength and very clear vision, we will do it. But like everything in life, it needs time.

This is my dream and my commitment to OCS Group Egypt, to change the way of doing business in Egypt based on all my previous experiences, and to learn from all the good hearts around me.

PS: to that person I love and respect, creator from the shadows of that project. Your will is being accomplished. Thank you for awaking on me this opportunity to share and make me a better person.

Julio T. Bonet (CEO and Founder).



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