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It’s just the Dream beginning at Egypt

“Whatever you do or dream you can do – begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Every day. Every moment. A new beginning. The journey of OCS Group Egypt has just started.

We are a team. A team of professionals that believe in a dream. A dream of creating a unique company, with values, ethics and morals.

We bring together the best of the Egyptian and Spanish culture, and we are very proud to take up the challenge ahead of us. What matters more to us is the values of the company, and those come first before anyone of us.

These values are honesty, service orientation, personal development, health, innovation, inclusion and diversity, accountability and happiness. And we make our best to implement them every single day.

We strongly believe that we have to be honest with our team as well as with our clients. We are sure that everybody deserves equal chances and to gain new experiences. We have passion. Passion to provide our customers with an exquisite service.

We represent Spanish high quality brands in Egypt. Those brands are Aistein, Arco, Bornay, Mobipark, Práctic and Profiltek. These products are meant to make life easier, and to make the world a better place.

Your needs are our commitment

OCS GROUP Egypt Office

Do you want to know more about our dream? follow the activity of OCS Group Egypt through the following social media platforms. This is the Instagram page. In there, we will be posting pictures of our represented brands with a little description. Through this link you would access to the Twitter  account, where you would be able to follow our news in 140 characters. Also, we are in Google+… and don’t forget to like the official Facebook page. Yalla!

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