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Spain – Europe for Egypt
OCS GROUP EGYPT is an important business group that markets and distributes distinctive Spanish brands whose products are intended to be for the industry, enterprises, public spaces, big infrastructures and housing.
All of the brands companies are specialized in developing and creating innovative, producing using the highest standards in Spain and in the European Union, both in finished goods as well as their manufacturing processes.
The greatest commitment of OCS GROUP EGYPT is to provide the access to technology, and to develop products with an extraordinary quality to public and private enterprises and institutions in Egypt.
We represent Spanish brands that are leaders in reputation and have an outstanding international experience that reinforce our values: service, respect and honesty.

We are building a bright future by facing new challenges and using the latest technologies

Tool to connect

OCS group Egypt has the efficient tools that enable the products to reach the customer on time, And to control the stock management system in both parties. This will give us the chance to gain new markets and the most important, the trust of our clients.

Clear leadership

OCS Group Egypt es la empresa de referencia para trabajar con España y Europa añadiendo modernidad, garantía y calidad, queremos ser el referente en Egipto.

OCS Group Egypt

Currently OCS GROUP EGYPT is going through an expansion period that based on 2 main fundamental: first one, expansion with our new manufacturers. And the second one, expansion to new countries that could take firm decision that may enable their citizens to be quality and environmental committed.

The renewal needs of human beings require creative solutions and products

Our first concern and main goal is enabling our customers to reach their goals, by bringing quality into their cities, infrastructure and residential areas

Thank you for sharing our enthusiasm

The members of OCS GROUP EGYPT are professionals with a proven experience in the industrial and housing sector